Social Media Marketing & Management For Law Firms

We offer Social Media Management & Marketing For Law firms, Lawyers, Solicitors & Barristers. We can assist wherever you are based and have a background in law. Our managing director previously headed up social media for a law firm with 20 offices, managing LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook amongst others. 

We can set up, design, write the posts and manage your accounts. We can also do targeted social media advertising campaigns.

We've run social media accounts for both big and small law firms, as well as individual accounts for high profile solicitors and barristers.

All of our staff have worked in-house at law firms. Our social media manager has also, managed social accounts for law firms, meaning we really understand the industry and the benefits social media has on lead generation and SEO.

Free initial discussion and quote

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Outsourcing Social Media (Low Cost & Can Save You Money)

Many firms, want to be able to send us photos of events and would like us to manage the regular posting, copy and design of their profiles.

Fee earners are best spending their time earning fees rather than managing multiple social media accounts and the owners of a law firm are better of managing or driving their firm forward alongside fee earning.

When you work out the time spent on managing accounts versus the hourly rate you or your staff could be earning, outsourcing will inevitably save you time and therefore money. Leaving social media to us will enable you and your staff to focus on what you do best.

We are able to help you set up the right accounts and can discuss which ones you want or need. We also offer graphic design so we can create specific images for your brand if required.

Social media strategy

We can help your law firm form a strategy that achieves your goals by asking some of the following questions:

  • What are your business goals?
  • Who is your target audience and what time of day is best to engage with them?
  • Which social media channels are best for your specific business?
  • Which type of content will work best to meet your goals?
  • Which pages of the website should you promote?

Law firms, especially those without dedicated marketing teams, simply often don't have the time or capacity to devote to developing content for their blog or social media channels. There is so much to focus on in small to medium-sized firms with already large job specs for lawyers, from management and finances, to business development and community involvement, that’s without mentioning the crucial fee-earning hours! This is where we come in, managing all social media activities for you and freeing up your time.

Engaging your followers

Most Law firms are understandably fearful of saying/posting the wrong thing; however, the reality is that engaging with your visitors is vital to your social media success. It today's digital world it is not acceptable to only have the phone as the direct link from potential clients to the firm. Now, clients can find you in numerous ways, including your social media platforms and they should see evidence of the upbeat, timely customer service and engagement they'll expect to receive when they hire your firm. To accomplish this you need engaging relevant content that sparks curiosity with the reader.

Social media for law firms is somewhere you have to be as it opens the door for enquiries, shows off the brand to potential employees and referrers. It's also a cost-effective way to manage your potential client's questions. Clients will feel more valued if they have a way of getting in touch when they need to on the platform of their choice.

Sharing your legal knowledge and making online content more accessible as well as explaining why clients should choose you is a great way to boost your profile within the market.

How can we help you succeed at social media?

There is a multitude of social media channels in the market, but there are certain ones that work well within the legal sector. We can manage this for you and harness its potential.

It’s not easy, and that’s why a lot of our clients and beyond outsource it. As a social agency, it’s our responsibility to get to know your business and really work out what sort of voice you want to have online. It’s so important we get it right.

We also like to look wider than social media. We like to look at your firm's online marketing as a whole (website content, email, social media, SEO).

Getting started is the hardest part. Why not leave the ball in our court and let us jump-start your social media activities now?

Re-cap on the benefits of choosing us

    • We understand the law
    • We understand your clients
    • We have real in-house experience
    • We understand copywriting and social media
    • We understand how the above points impact on SEO strategy and your reputation.

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