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Alex Trott – Senior Marketing & Account Manager | Law Firm Setup Consultant

Alex has been a manager of several businesses across the UK in both marketing, retail and hospitality sectors. He specialises in PR, driving sales, business growth and client service through marketing and business development. Staff culture also plays an important part in driving a business forward and he has won awards for staff retention nationally.

Alex has experience in working with a range of legal clients as well as in-house experience with a national law firm. Alex’s experience ranges from working with websites, intranets, drafting press releases, graphic design, social media, staff photography, writing legal content, drafting award submissions and organising events.

He also manages the process of new law firm setup’s and assists clients with managing social media accounts, PPC, website builds and helps run the agency alongside Ben Trott.

Law Firm Setups

Alex is currently responsible for law firm setups and has helped to set up both SRA and CLC entities, alongside more complicated ABS and International practices entering the UK.

Alex has a black book of suppliers to help law firm’s set up in the most efficient and profitable way. His skills in business planning enable firms to present a well thought out plan to insurers, helping them to find valid PII quotes through key broker contacts.

His network of contacts includes connections in India and the Middle east, for those looking to set up in other jurisdictions.


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