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The same old messages aren’t attracting attention or creating differentiation in today’s crowded legal landscape. Having a strong brand has never been more crucial for law firms. Increased competition, mergers, and digital globalisation, coupled with greater client sophistication and changes to the regulatory landscape, all mean it’s more important than ever to be clear about what makes your firm distinctive, relevant, and reliable.

Rebranding is an increasing trend, but what does that mean? For many, it means slimming down the firm name, designing a new logo and applying a different colour palette, however, there is much more to it than that.

Your brand is a reflection of your firm's culture, ethos and position in the market. It forms the first impression potential clients will have.

What is Branding

Your brand is the impression you make on those who encounter your firm in any way, through seeing an advertisement, walking into your office or talking to a friend. Your brand is a consistent, distinct point-of-view that serves as a way for potential clients to understand what your firm is really about.

A brand can take many forms, including a name, sign, symbol, colour combination or slogan. The word brand has continued to evolve to encompass identity too and it affects the personality of a company or service.

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  • New brands & websites
  • Brand guidelines
  • Branded materials
  • Brand refresh
  • Brand re-designs

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Creating Your Own Brand

Aligning your business objectives, your target client’s perspective and your branding strategy is crucial to the success of your law firm.

A key first step to branding your law firm is to write a brand statement, essentially a mission statement. Keep it a short explanation of who you are, who you serve and one or two of the most important adjectives that describe your approach.

Law firms who do this well are firms that have a deep and realistic understanding of who they are and who their clients are.

Your brand should be:

  • Clear. Your potential clients should understand almost immediately what makes you stand out.
  • Consistent across all touchpoints. Your law firm’s website, social media and other ads should all look like they belong to the same firm.
  • Differentiated. Look for gaps in the market and try to adopt a brand that no one else in your area is doing.
  • Realistic. Understand who your client is and what type of branding will work best for your firm.

People = Brand

Unlike many other categories where the product king, in legal services, it’s all about the people who are essentially your brand. For your firm to successfully live and breathe the brand, your people must not only participate in the brand development process, but also understand how to deliver on the brand promise, values, and qualities in what they do each day.

A law firm branding plan is much more than a new logo, messages, website, and materials. Instead, the most successful rebranding programs include engagement that helps lawyers and staff understand the strategy behind the brand and gets them to think about how they can bring the brand to life for clients in real and visible ways.

Your Logo Must fit Your Legal Audience

Before developing any brand, it is essential to understand who you are actually targeting. By researching your audience, including social media activity and posts, this will enable you to get to know the skills that they’re after.

You must also understand things from the firm’s perspective too by looking at yourself objectively. Think about what they’ll be looking for and home in on certain skills, experience and elements of your personality which will appeal to them.

Crafting the perfect logo takes experience and research. If you want to create a logo that will make a lasting impression on the customer, you must research your competitors.

If you want your company logo design to stand out from the rest, you need to think about the impression it will make. You want it to be recognisable from the moment a potential client lays eyes on it.

The goal of lawyer branding is to show people what kind of company or service it represents. Think about how your brand communicates with the target audience; is it clear that your services can provide the solution?

Pay Attention to Colours

Colours are much more influential than you think. People associate colours with weakness or strength, trust or distrust, bad or good. Therefore, always aim to use the appropriate colours when creating the logo for your company.

Keep it Simple but Distinctive

If you want people to remember your logo, you need to make it simple. A complex image is much harder to remember. You need to differentiate though as your logo will be just one in the thousands of same logos out there.

Do not use overused imagery, including cliched scales and gavel which will never leave an impression with a customer.

Check Out the Competition

Get to know your competitors and learn how you can stand out from the crowd. Short phrases and statements will help your brand to stick in the minds of your target audience.

When examining the competition, ask yourself, What don’t you like about a company’s logo? Moreover, if there is something specific you do not find to be inviting, what can you do to improve it?

Think of the Best Way to Feature Your Name

Most of the highly reputable law firms build a reputation on their name. Therefore, think of a great logo design that will showcase your name in the best possible light. Consider the size, font and location of your name on the logo, as well as colour. The best combination of these will clearly display the company’s name.

Revise Your Logo Regularly

Law firm branding requires continuous focus if you want it to be successful. The information you present now won’t always be current and logo trends change at a fast pace, which makes it highly necessary to make changes to your existing logo or change it completely if needs be.

Get Professional Help

If you are creating the logo yourself, once complete it is advisable to get some insight and advice from others. You can always hire a professional Branding Agency to test it and give their opinion or allow the current customers of the company to give feedback. This option will provide you with valuable feedback on what you need to improve and what makes the logo appealing to the customers.

Branding a law firm is very different from other types of branding projects, therefore it is advised to seek help from professionals who are not only branding experts, but also experts in legal. Not only will they deliver smarter work, but they’ll also earn the trust of the lawyers at your firm. Find consultants with a strong background in legal branding who can bring an understanding of where the legal services category is headed, what competitors are doing, and what clients expect from their firms today.


Creating a personal brand is a powerful tool enabling your services to be noticed. As well as creating valuable connections, building your profile can help increase business and improve your presence within the industry.

Whether you are looking for a logo design, a full brand redesign or are just setting up, we can help. We are experts in the legal arena and have extensive knowledge of the market, enabling us to develop legal brands. If you are looking to progress and grow your firm, we offer a range of services that can support both you and your business, as much or as little as you need.

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