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With our understanding of the legal sector, digital specialism and strategic partnership with IT companies, we offer IT support and solutions to Law Firms. We've helped law firms improve their IT systems and can offer you a free assessment. Our partners manage IT systems for law firms across the UK. We can also help internationally.

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Some of the most typical issues challenges involve the following:

  • Increased competition

The Legal Services Act has allowed more commercially astute, profit driven competitors with a keen eye on your client base.

  • Tougher regulatory standards

The data protection Act, EU Data protection Directive, HMRC, CLC, GDPR and the SRA are not easy regulators to keep ahead of and adhere to.

  • Ever-changing talent pool

Staff retention is absolutely vital and will keep costs down in the long term. To achieve this you need to be an employer who offers the best terms of employment through a flexible and remote working environment.

  • Increased cyber risks

All law firm keep a huge wealth of both client and employee confidential data. This makes them a major target for cyber-attacks from any country.

  • Increasingly demanding clients

Transparency and competition means that in today’s world clients want ‘more for less’ and have ever-rising expectations about the level of service and fees they are willing to pay. Subsequently this means there is always a need for finding new, cost efficient ways to do business.

With these issues in mind, law firms are facing constant pressure to become ever more commercial. We have expert consultants at Marketing Lawyers who have a complete understanding of the legal environment and modern technology challenges that law firms large and small face on a daily basis.

For law firms to be successful and achieve growth in the current economic climate they must achieve a competitive advantage by ensuring they are delivering their services as efficiently and effectively as possible. To succeed at this, law firms need world leading business processes and an effective IT strategy in place. We have a range of legal sector solutions at Marketing Lawyers to help you achieve this.

Cloud Services and Support

With a fast paced movement towards cloud based systems on the rise, this comes with its own inherent risks for the legal industry. The real concern for law firms and their clients are about security and privacy of data on cloud based systems. We are here to alleviate that burden and give you peace of mind.

Many business don’t have suitable disaster recovery protection due to uncertainties about complexity and costs. Business depend upon technology though to operate and disruption to those systems would result in financial loses and a significant business threat. At Marketing Lawyers we can help you plan for disaster recovery to minimise the risks with our technical solutions and SRA compliant processes for data security.

Remote/Flexible working 

Our legal clients are increasingly asking us to provide systems for their employees where they can work remotely outside the office. Whether that be at home or in the court room we can provide an environment that is virtual and most importantly safe.

This brings significant cost savings in overheads of energy, support staff and the big one, rent or purchase costs. The same top quality service can be provided to your clients from anywhere saving them and most importantly your firm money.


Due to the ever changing technological environment and disruption this brings to how law firms operate, mergers are becoming more common and are only set to increase. Technology can bring opportunities but also pitfalls and challenges. Marketing Lawyers can help you with advice and systems to steer your law firm through theses digital hurdles and create positive change that doesn’t leave your firm lagging behind the competitors.

Proactive IT support

We understand that it is vital that no matter what that you keep your business running and that in the legal industry, time equals money! At Marketing Lawyers we can ensure that all your systems are kept running smoothly and that downtime is kept to a minimum should it occur at all.

If IT is the weak link in your firm and you have limited onsite experience in this area, we can help by outsourcing this for you. We can provide in-house training to remote solutions and fully comprehensive IT management, whatever your need we have a solution to give you a cost efficient results where you pay for only what you use.

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