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We can provide flexible intranet solutions for law firms and legal departments that enable you to improve efficiency and communication in and create the secure Intranet solution your firm needs.

With an ever-changing digital landscape, there is an enormous responsibility on businesses to stay up-to-date and relevant, which includes intranet management which has seen features and functionality change dramatically over the years.

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Our MD, Ben Trott previously headed up and developed an intranet (internal learning & news hub) for a top 150 UK law firm with 20 offices. He has experience in designing, planning and managing an intranet for law firms. Please feel free to contact us directly for a discussion about your project.

Why is a social intranet important for law firms?

The saying ‘time is money’ is probably more relevant with respect of law firms than almost any other industry and so finding opportunities to streamline and automate business processes, increase productivity and improve access to information has to be a priority for law firms. A legal intranet is the right platform for achieving these goals.

Good communication at all levels is vital for any enterprise to succeed. We provide an intranet setup that can quickly and easily improve communication and knowledge management within the firm whilst also being the best solution for allowing staff to learn, engage with other employees and share ideas.

Here we look at the key benefits of an Intranet system:

Knowledge Portal

The intranet can be the central source for all relevant case law, precedents, legislation and law review articles. So rather than having multiple sources of information, document management systems, and databases, all information is instead stored on one platform on the intranet. The knowledge management portal can be organised to reflect the specific need of your law firm.

The Intranet can be quickly and simply updated in the light of changing case law and new legislation, meaning staff members can be assured that the information they are accessing is the most up to date and relevant and in the context of law firms, this is critical.

The area can also contain everything an employee needs to know from instructions, company manuals, video tutorials, scripts, and company training.

Online Forms

Law firms, traditionally have a lot of forms to fill in! Whether it’s to file an expenses claim, or book travel and accommodation or book annual leave, with an intranet all forms can be completed online, eliminating the duplication of effort involved in handling paper forms. A cloud-based intranet will even have easily customisable standard form templates so you could be up and running in a matter of hours. Furthermore, the intranet can automatically direct a claim for expenses, for example, through to the accounts department for payment.

Staff Directory

A people directory, particularly in large firms with lots of partners, associates and paralegals is another necessary feature. It’s impossible to remember everyone’s names and faces in the firm, much less recalling which areas they practice in or cases they’re currently working on and can help when quickly needing to transfer a call the appropriate person. A people directory with a photo, contact information and a brief summary of their background and areas of law they work in will act as a great support within any legal firm.

Company & Legal News

One of the main benefits of an Intranet is that they improve communications across organisations. Company and team important announcements and chronicle news functions are incorporated onto the homepage, providing the opportunity to highlight key information and relevant news across the business quickly.

Related to this is the corporate calendar feature which is a way of highlighting key events and dates including trial dates, billing cut-off dates or even the staff Christmas party. The corporate calendar will help to eliminate the need for all-staff emails. It’s a great time saver as staff members will no longer need to search through their overloaded in-boxes for that all-important deadline. Instead, they can find it quickly and easily on the corporate calendar.

Simple & Intuitive design

Lawyers have traditionally been very conservative when it comes to embracing new technologies. To make sure that your legal intranet is widely adopted and fully exploited, we keep the design as simple and intuitive as possible so that even those staff members that are less confident and comfortable around technology will find it easy to use.

To support the process of implementation we can provide staff training via online videos, as well as demonstrating how to use the intranet, it can also serve to showcase what the intranet is capable of so that staff will appreciate just what a difference it will make to their daily work.


Law firms are involved with highly sensitive and confidential information. Knowing that such classified data is entirely safe, secure from hackers or other unauthorised users will be of vital importance to any law firm. We will therefore utilise the very latest security encryption software and protection from malware and hackers and will need to be constantly reviewed and updated through our support package.


As we have seen, legal intranets have the potential to increase productivity, improve the ease of access to information as well as streamlining businesses processes. And all this is available in one platform with simple, easy to use functionality.

Staff can access the system via a username and password, controlled by an administrator within the firm. By putting all your manuals, policies and procedures, Anti-Money Laundering Code of Conduct and Solicitors Accounts Rules guidance, risk checklists, registers of experts and business and marketing plans on an intranet, accessible from every staff member’s desktop, we can now be certain that everyone in the firm is using the same updated core material. In addition, effective communication of these strengthens your risk management capabilities.

All businesses face challenges, but the strength of the organisation lies in their finding solutions in the most effective way. Our Intranet software has everything your practice needs for a complete and auditable digital workplace.

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