Case Study: A Law firm in London with Specialist Litigation & Corporate Services

Challenge: The firm noticed a decline in enquiries despite having strong online rankings and running online advertising campaigns. They were puzzled by the lack of response and wanted to identify the root cause of the issue.

Solution: We recommended implementing our tracking software on the firm’s website to gain insights into visitor behaviour and engagement. By analysing user interactions, calls and forms, we aimed to uncover any potential bottlenecks or issues that may be hindering the lead generation process.

Upon analysing the tracked data, it became apparent that the firm had outsourced its lead handling process. This discovery led the agency to conduct a mystery shopping exercise to evaluate the firm’s lead handling procedures. We then interacted with the firm through various channels, including phone calls and email inquiries.

During the mystery shopping exercise, it was discovered that incoming calls to the firm were only directed to named individuals if they were specifically asked for. General enquiries were being sent via email to an address associated with an employee who had left the firm a long time ago. Unfortunately, that email address had not been properly forwarded to another member of staff, resulting in a backlog of unanswered inquiries. There were also phones not being answered, no messaging taking facility and email forms being blocked by the firm.

We worked with the firm to gain access to the old email inbox and discovered a trove of neglected enquiries. Among them were queries from large businesses, significant cases and government departments seeking advice, highlighting valuable missed opportunities.

Solution Implementation: We immediately addressed the issue by updating the firm’s lead handling process. They established a system where all incoming calls were properly routed to the appropriate departments or individuals based on the nature of the enquiry. Additionally, they set up a dedicated team to monitor and promptly respond to email enquiries, ensuring no leads went unanswered.

Results: After implementing our advice, the firm experienced a significant up tick in enquiries and instructions. Potential clients received prompt and personalised responses to their queries, leading to increasing instructions.

By rectifying the lead handling process, the firm was able to tap into a wealth of missed opportunities. Our efforts not only helped the firm regain lost ground, but also positioned them for future growth and success.

This case study highlights the importance of evaluating the entire lead generation and handling process. Sometimes, the effectiveness of online marketing efforts can be hindered by overlooked or neglected offline processes. Identifying and rectifying these issues can lead to significant improvements in lead generation and conversion rates.

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