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Your legal website is one of the best ways of generating leads and increasing new clients at your firm. Our team will take the time to get to know your business in detail and the specific legal services you provide, in order to create a website that is right for your needs. The websites we create are fully responsive as standard, so you can be sure it will perform on all devices, including desktop, mobile and tablet.

Free initial discussion and quote

For a free initial discussion about your website requirements and for a no obligation quote, please call us on  0115 8700443  or email

We can ensure that every website has a user-friendly content management system (or CMS), which we provide full in house training on, allowing your team, should you need, to add or update any information on your site.

We make web design projects as smooth as possible. You will have our expertise and management every step of the way.

Increasing traffic to your website

As a one stop shop, Marketing Lawyers can continue to offer technical support after your website has launched, to ensure that potential clients find you when they need your services the most. If you’re not online in the correct way your invisible to potential new work!

Rises in local searches for solicitors have gone through the roof in the past few years. The growth in local search has exploded across many industries thanks to widespread mobile  usage, and it is no different in the legal sector. Our Legal SEO team can help increase your local search rankings which helps lead to more enquiries and potentially more clients.

Online Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising is also a powerful lead-generation tool for law firms and solicitors, and we have the knowledge to help you market your services in a competitive environment and win whatever your budget.

In refreshing your website and online presence there may be small tweaks to your brand to consider, ensuring a modern style and clear messaging.

Key elements of a Law firm website design

While most companies know the basics around website design, it’s sometimes difficult to know where to turn next for improvement. We can help simplify this process in a few crucial areas.

The navigation should be nice and simple, but more often than not it can be a bit of a maze trying to find what you want. That’s not the first impression you want to leave your clients with. If the potential client is on your site for the very first time, how much time would it take them to find the information they need about specific lawyers, services or contact information? There needs to be a simple user journey, with clear and easy to find menus.

Using clear Calls To Action (CTA) will help potential clients get in touch with your firm from the outset.

The correct information for each practice area should be placed on the appropriate webpage with sub-content for associated services. The first page you land on should be clear and concise without overwhelming the reader and putting them off.

Blogs and FAQ pages should have in-depth content but these should be broken down with sub headings to make them more reader friendly. By correctly showcasing all the information you ensure that it’s as easy as possible for potential clients to find what they want, digest the info’ and get in touch with your firm.

High quality visuals are essential to a great looking website and we can help with any image sourcing or photography requirements.

Contact details should be within an ‘arm’s reach’ or a click away from where ever the user is on the site. There are many ways to display contact information and potential clients should be aware of all the options to get in touch with your firm. E.g.‘Free consultation phone call’, email, form submission or live chat.

Website speed is crucial for success, without it users will become frustrated and Googles algorithms will lower your ranking. Nearly 50% of users expect a web page to load in 2 seconds or less. The technical set up of the site can have an effect on this and many big picture files will not help the site speed. Images should always be optimised for your website.

Mobile device traffic is booming and is set to increase exponentially over time. Is you site responsive on all browser platforms and devices? If not you will be missing out on a huge potential client pool.

In conclusion we can provide a bespoke service for whatever your business needs. The ultimate law firm website should be intuitive, simple, and visually pleasing. We can provide low cost mock up examples of how you your website could look and are happy to discuss your requirements over coffee. Even if you not looking for a complete overhaul we can improve your current site and ensure you have the highest performing website for your firm.

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For a free initial discussion about your website requirements, at a time that suits you and for a no obligation quote, please call us on  0115 8700443  or email

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