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You are thinking of re-designing your website, increasing the content to help with rankings, or improving your visibility over social media channels and you have an approved plan that’s ready to go. One common problem however is who is going to come up with content?

The Partners are too busy and don’t really know where to start, fee earners can charge in excess of £200 per hour for their time and partners a lot more. Why would you ask them to write content, it doesn’t make financial or business sense when you can outsource this to the experts at a fraction of the cost.

To engage readers and attract the right visitors to your website it is vital that promotional material on your website and beyond contains interesting relevant and expertly crafted content.

Here at Marketing Lawyers we have a wealth of experience in producing bespoke website content, blogs, accurate articles, social media posts and bulletins for your firm.

We understand the industry from a marketing perspective, working with many well-known law firms across the country to provide a unique angle that strikes a chord when it is read by prospective clients. We ensure they copy is attributable to the particular audience you are interested in reaching, whilst avoiding legalese and confusing terminology.

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We make projects as smooth as possible. You will have our expertise and management every step of the way.

Legal Sector Specific Content Creation

Content marketing is an essential part of how we contribute to our client’s success. You may think you have the most wonderfully designed website going, but if the content on your pages does not appeal to your target audience, you are losing out on valuable business.

At Marketing Lawyers we have full time in-house writers and a network of freelance writers, practicing lawyers, journalists and specialist content creators to ensure we can provide first-class legal content for whatever type of project comes our way.

When you work with us it’s a mutual process, helping us to understand your specific firm and creating a content strategy that fits your needs.

What is SEO copywriting for law firms?

More often people search online for everything these days and legal assistance is no different. It is usually a distress purchase, so legal copywriting tailored to your locality or legal specialisms could lead to significant new business. Understanding, approachability and simple practical guidance are key to giving you an advantage over the many law firms that don’t bother to do this.

A skilled copywriter, who knows how to write tailored marketing copy for law firms, can help you create a website that builds your brand, positions you well against the competition and converts visitors into paying clients for your services. It is an affordable and practical ticket to growing your law practice.

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