Mystery Shopping for Law Firms

Experience your business as customers do with Mystery Shopping for law firms. Brands earn great reputations when every office consistently executes against the brand standards.

Find out what is happening at your clients first touchpoint with your law firm brand. Mystery shopping is a great way to understand how your business is perceived by its customers. We understand the legal industry and the questions to ask so each mystery shop is tailored to measure your specific internal process and service standards.

Mystery shopping is an effective marketing exercise that can be used to measure and report covertly on your firm. It can be used to assess the performance of your organisation, quality, level of customer service, or to research staff knowledge of services offered.

Mystery shopping includes:

  • Customer service evaluations
  • Email mystery shopping
  • Exit interviews/surveys
  • Telephone mystery shopping
  • Web site evaluations

Free initial discussion and quote

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Why do I need it?

Mystery shopping takes you straight to the front-line of the prospective client experience. Using our trained mystery shoppers, each shop is planned and scheduled, we then will send you the mystery shop results and comments as a report, bespoke to you with our advised next steps.

Mystery shopping improves your business through intelligent insight.

Mystery shopping will help you identify:

  • If customer service procedures are followed – enabling you to monitor good practise or introduce measures for improvement.
  • Poor performance gaps so you can close them.
  • Service quality delivered.
  • Training needs.

Quickly leading to:

  • Better staff engagement.
  • Bigger market share and more profit.
  • Identified training needs.
  • Improved service levels.
  • Increased customer loyalty.

You can gain valuable information about things that were already on your radar and completely new insights about things that weren’t.

The results will help you better manage your business by delivering information that enables you to take relevant and appropriate action.

It can be combined with competitor Mystery Shopping and other forms of competitor research, to provide a greater understanding of your position in the market and your strengths and weaknesses.

In every industry, brands want their managers, front-line employees, and franchisees to deliver their brand promise to customers. To do that, they invest in training and coaching and create compliance standards and guidelines.

However, to achieve these expectations of operational excellence, a sales teams equipped to maximise revenue and delighted customers, a brand must truly see how things are operating from an external point of view in order to adapt and formulate suitable training to provide great value for its clients, employees and shareholders.

Marketing Lawyers, mystery shopping services allow you to “inspect what you expect,” evaluating whether brand standards are met throughout all your locations. We take great pride in delivering the highest quality programmes in the legal industry. Our mystery shopping programmes evaluate on-site location experiences, new phone enquiry processes, contact centre experiences, and web site experiences.

Increase ROI and profits

Mystery shopping brings a return on investment (ROI). Firstly, mystery shopping can protect your brand’s reputation. Ensuring that every location is delivering high customer service levels and brand standards means that the brand will win. Remember, a brand can be no better than its lowest-performing operator.

Other ROI’s are that it identifies recruitment needs and specific gaps in training therefore, creating efficiencies. Also, the operational standards assessed by mystery shopping can predict both customer loyalty and various financial outcomes.

Why choose us?

We genuinely care about your law firm and our mystery shopping programmes are devised to help you improve your level of customer satisfaction, gain repeat business and of course, help you to increase your profits.

Marketing Lawyers can offer a customised mystery shopping service, tailored to your exact needs and flexible to meet all budgets. This can be a one-off exercise, or as part of an ongoing assessment.

How to get in contact

For a free initial discussion about your Mystery Shopping requirements, at a time that suits you including a no-obligation quote, please call us on 0115 8700443 or email