Live Chat and Chatbots for Law Firms

Use live chat and chatbots on your existing website to proactively engage your customers, answer questions, generate new leads and increase sales.

Driving traffic to your website is just the beginning for most law firms. Converting those visitors into clients can be challenging because of the “get it now” attitude of today’s consumers.

As more prospective clients use the internet to find qualified legal help, your ability to quickly engage and respond to visitors on your law firm website is vital. There are different options available to give you the tools to greet each potential client to your website and provide information to help convert potential leads to your next fee-paying client.Top of Form

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Since the start of modern digital marketing, having live chat functionality on websites has been extremely attractive to law firms that are interested in conversions and adding a personal touch to collecting leads from their website. It is a customer service tools give law firms large and small the tools they need to respond to new client inquiries swiftly and effectively.

Being Online 24/7 Is Important because we have a ‘round the clock’ world where many people do their research outside of normal business hours. Unless you have the luxury of a 24-hour phone operator able to answer any and all questions which is very expensive, you should either outsource the work to trained live chat staff or use artificial intelligence in the form of a Chatbot which can help automate a chunk of responsibility.

The rise of new artificial intelligence (AI) technology like machine learning and deep learning have changed the chat landscape. Computers now have the power to understand human language better and can comprehend the context behind questions and reply back intelligently. It’s a game changer in the field of AI-based chatbots.

The chatbot looks and feels like a modern live chat platform while it collects all potential client data in a friendly manner and has a script that it is running off of that can be customized. You pay one low monthly fee that covers all maintenance as well as the software itself.

Live chat

While you may not have considered live Chat for your law office, there are considerable ways our tools help you work with new and existing clients.

The most common form of chat functionality for the legal industry is a system where there is a live agent located offsite who is available 24/7 to answer the live chat. The “live agent” is typing based off a script designed to collect the potential client’s information. This is the best option for prospective clients because they can talk to someone at any time of the day and the lead is sent to the law firm no matter the time.

As you can imagine, this option does get expensive very quickly.  Paying someone to collect data from prospects 24/7 often becomes too expensive for many firms to utilize for the long term.  Cost, therefore, is a major drawback when using live agent chat.

In House Chat

The second most common chat system used by law firms is a live chat that employees in the office answer.  This is typically a legal assistant, or a paralegal, who has the chat open in their browser all day and will answer it as leads come in throughout the day.

However, while the costs can be significantly reduced, there are two drawbacks.  First, the firm typically is only available to answer chat leads from 9am-5pm when they have staff in the office.  After that, if someone wants to contact the firm, there is nobody available to answer the chat.

We can provide a Live chat software platform on your current website, whichever option which suits you companies needs most.

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