Legal Case Management Software

Our practice management software gives you access to everything all in one place. Manage cases, clients, documents, bills, calendars, time recording, reporting, and accounting, all from one platform.

With our partners Case Management software you can effectively handle larger caseloads more profitably. The software is designed to enable law firms to streamline processes, capture all billable time and it is incredibly intuitive and flexible.

Free initial discussion and quote

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We can provide full in house training on the new system, giving your team the confidence and skills needed. We make projects as smooth as possible and you will have our expertise and management every step of the way.

Our flexible law firm software combines everything you need for a fully integrated case management system that ties into your accounts. This allows emails, letters and documents to be assembled against cases quickly and easily. Everything is then automatically costed and accounted for. Some of the key points are listed below.

Key features

  • Full integration to Outlook
  • Legal Accounts integration(fully SRA compliant)
  • Practice Management Business Intelligence reports available
  • Remote file access from all devices
  • Simplified client, matter creation process including risk analysis and automated Anti-Money Laundering

Document management for the modern law firm

Our case management system allows users to maintain a completely electronic file which includes every document on the case. Cases can contain hundreds and thousands of documents. The search function allows you to directly and quickly find what you need from an easy to navigate library. You can also search through the body of every document to find those that have one of more certain phases in them allowing easily accessible information to fee earners and relevant support staff with the right security permissions.

Now documents, forms, scanned letters and emails can be automatically assembled. These are automatically costed and then automatically get billed. Simple and effective. This not only makes document production easy but also provides a full picture of the case at any point in time, aiding important decision-making as the case progresses.


Workflow is an important component of any case management suite of software tools. Workflow is a tool that enables law firms to automate legal and administrative processes in a step-by-step approach relating to specific areas of work.

We already have a wide range of workflow templates that can be tailored to each department’s needs. This ensures the system suits every work type precisely, be it for your commercial or private client teams, for conveyancing; commercial and litigation; probate and wills; personal injury; debt recovery or legal aid. There are also tools within the system that can help you build or edit workflows yourself creating your own automated procedures from scratch. Alternatively, our team can undertake the whole alteration work for you to deliver tailored workflows.

Comprehensive Law Firm Case Management Solution

Taking all the above components and putting them together gives you a very holistic solution. This combination of elegant components is what makes the system so powerful, that is why it is such an invaluable practice tool, leading the way in law firm case management software.

Our system combines all the following tools and features:

  • Case Tracker
  • Digital Dictation
  • Document Management
  • Fee Earner Desktop
  • File Reviews
  • Integration
  • Mobile App
  • Online Help
  • Priority Action List
  • Reminders
  • Reporting
  • SMS Text Messaging
  • Specialist Tools & Modules
  • Time Recording
  • Universal Case Viewer

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