Law Firm Video Marketing

We offer Law Firm Video Marketing Production to Lawyers, Solicitors and Barristers. Videos are now more important than ever and a communication tool. 

We can assist with brand videos, personal introduction videos, client testimonials, opinions and sector specialism videos. 

No matter the size of the project, we can help you create bespoke videos that showcase your brand and expertise.

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We make video creation and management projects as smooth and professional as possible. You will have our expertise and management every step of the way.

Types of law firm videos

There is three main types of videos law firms tend to create and post online.

  1. Brand videos - these sum up the law firm in a quick and visual way.

Brand videos are used by law firms to tell people about the firm and the company culture. Law firms usually explain their mission statement and talk about how they help clients achieve their legal goals. As well as this, law firms tend to introduce their staff and legal teams to potential clients and employees.

  1. Educational videos - these inform lay clients about important legal issues and how you can help them.

In educational videos, lawyers usually discuss legal topics that clients and potential clients are interested in and they also cover basic legal knowledge suitable for the wider public. We tend not to use legal jargon but explain the importance and wider effects of topics.

  1. Client testimonials and case studies - these used by law firms to share success stories so clients understand how you have helped others. Clients and potential clients can associate with a similar situation.

Law firms post these videos on their social media and websites to help attract more clients and build trust. Videos are a quick way to grab attention, look modern and people don't always want to read text online.

Client testimonials showcase the firm in a positive way and add a human element to the firm making the firm seem more personal in their approach with clients.

Reasons for using video marketing

There are many reasons why law firms now use videos as part of their overall marketing and advertising strategy.

Search engines are starting to index videos which answer users search queries and this can help your firm get found online.

Sometimes the purpose of the video may be to promote the firm and its legal services whilst other times it may be to educate clients or potential clients on key legal issues.

A 2013 Microsoft study discovered that the average attention span of a human is 8 seconds. Videos are a good way to engage viewers as they grab their attention in a much simpler way than text, especially if the videos are simple, concise and interactive.

Benefits of video marketing

Good quality video content that is SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) focused will help increase online traffic to the website meaning more people will visit the site. This is ideal for law firms because they want their websites to organically rank highly in search engine results.

Creating video content that clients want to see can help to achieve a good return on investment, especially on pages which you are promoting online.

Tips for law firms

  • Aim for quality not quantity
  • Ask the team and senior lawyers to share videos on LinkedIn
  • Add links in you email marketing
  • Conduct keyword research-discover what clients are searching for online
  • Create and re-post videos regularly to increase online traffic
  • Have short video snippets on Twitter and LinkedIn
  • Keep videos under 2 minutes - bite-sized content is more engaging
  • Thoroughly analyse the target market to ensure creating the right message
  • Upload videos on your law firm website and all social media channels e.g. LinkedIn, Twitter etc.

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