Outsourced, Interim & Part-Time Law Firm Marketing Support

Do you need interim or part-time marketing resources for your law firm? We can provide expert outsourced support and offer a range of packages to law firms of all sizes. Our clients are mainly in the UK, with firms also in Europe, Africa, Asia and the Far East.

Very often law firms do not have time or the in-house resource or expertise to manage their marketing. They may need part-time ongoing support or additional hands-on support with projects, an experienced marketing manager to step in during busy periods, or just between gaps in recruitment.

Some firms, outsource all their marketing to us as well because of the added benefits.

As a law firm, it can sometimes be difficult to put marketing first. Your day to day work and management commitments can often get in the way delaying any marketing activity you were planning, and in most cases, opportunities are being missed.

If you are looking to expand and develop or look at other growth opportunities, marketing must start taking a priority to support your business plan. Outsourcing your marketing management means we can focus on your marketing, leaving you to concentrate on doing what you do best, fee earning and running your law firm.

Free Initial Discussion

If you are interested in finding out more about our Outsourced/ Interim/Part-time Marketing Support and how your Law Firm can benefit, then please feel free to email us at info@marketinglawyers.co.uk or call us on 0115 8700443.

We make marketing projects as smooth and professional as possible. You will have our expertise and management every step of the way.

What We Do

We'll handle the status quo with best practice techniques. We'll help you to understand what you need taking care of and will not offer you something that you don't need.

If your company cannot sustain or warrant its own marketing department, outsourcing your marketing services is a cost-effective and successful way to bolster your marketing efficiency.

If your organisation requires flexible marketing support at short notice we can help.

We work with organisations on one-off short or long-term projects or a part-time retained basis. This approach means that you do not have to commit to employing a full-time person. Also, you decide how long you need to utilise our specialist skills.

We have a track record of success in helping law firms of all sizes maintain or build upon their marketing to maintain or increase their presence in the legal market.

As your outsourced Marketing Manager our work experience and services include:

The benefits of outsourcing are:

  • Achieve progress you never thought possible
  • Cheaper than employing
  • Help focus, grow and strengthen your firm
  • Knowledge built up across multiple clients and have the support network of an agency behind you
  • Remove risks of employment
  • Short & flexible contracts available
  • Stay in control
  • Surround yourself with the best

How We Can Help

With our In-house experience of working within law firms and with both national and international clients, we have a wealth of knowledge across the whole marketing mix.

Working across a range of different law firms we have gained in-depth knowledge we adapt and apply to your specific firm. We are hands-on and very quickly become an integrated part of your team.

As a professional marketing agency, we are here to help grow your business.

We provide:

  • Better Results & ROI
  • A Team that You Can Trust
  • Full Transparency
  • Monthly Reporting
  • Technical Solutions from Industry Experts

Outsourcing your marketing efforts is a smart way to spread your reach and to get your law firm the attention it deserves. If you are simply too small to have you’re your own marketing department, outsourcing is a cost-effective way to make sure that your marketing needs are still being met.

How to get in contact

For a free initial discussion about your Outsourced Marketing needs, at a time that suits you and for a no-obligation quote, please call us on 0115 8700443 or email info@marketinglawyers.co.uk.


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