Law firm marketing during Covid 19 and what we can do to help your business

We are being approached by new firms and clients alike about what they can do to help their pipeline of work during Covid-19. At this point, everyone’s safety is paramount and so everyone should be taking the necessary safety precautions set out by their Government and the World Health Organization.

We shouldn’t shy away from talking about clients during this time, after all the successful nature of your firm ensures your staff are paid and families are provided for.

Marketing at this time is critical, especially when there is some uncertainty in the market. Yes, there may be some areas of work and traditional sources of work that may slow down e.g. referrals, networking and the high street.

It’s at this very time when digital marketing is more important than ever to keep your pipeline full, even if there is a slow down for an area of service you provide there still will be people searching for advice for what work is continuing and by marketing online you’ll maximise those people finding your firm.

Online Searches

There will be an increasing amount of people searching from home and so search volume will be increasing. Even if you think an area of service will slow down, there are lots of opportunities. If you aren’t advertising on Google for your services, now is the time to start. If you are already advertising on Google, you should consider perhaps the following:

  • Extend the radius of your campaigns to capture more potential clients
  • Think about what other services you can market online to keep your pipeline busy
  • Think about extending your budget to bring in more enquiries to top up any slow down from a traditional referral source

Remember, you only spend when someone searches for advice and then clicks on your advert. There’s no wasted money from having your advertising on.

If your office is locked down consider outsourcing new enquiry phone calls, with a specific number to an outside telephone agency and have someone take responsibility for allocating them or handling them across the firm.

For those firms not advertising digitally, think about moving the money you’d spend from print, networking or lunches into digital.

We have many clients increasing their spend and adding campaigns to help keep their firm busy during this period.

There are always options to assist each area of law and the demand for many legal services will be on the increase during this time.

How Pay Per Click (PPC) Works

People search on Google for legal advice, your firm appears at the top and then they click on your advert. Only if they click on your website do you pay a cost per click and you can set daily or monthly budgets with a cap on the spend.

You will not waste any clicks or your budget by keeping PPC on. If there is a downturn in demand and fewer searches, then you will still capture the right prospects at the right time, but your budget will simply go further and last longer. By extending a radius or adding more niche campaigns you can help catch more work in a shorter space of time.

We can adjust your campaign quickly to target certain locations and/or promote a specific service that you hadn’t thought of marketing before.

How we can help

If you’re an existing client, speak to us about how we can help.

For new clients who want to discuss their marketing strategy, you can call us on  0115 8700443 or email info@marketinglawyers.co.uk

10 Extra Marketing Tasks You Can Do During Covid-19 / Coronavirus

  1. Speak to your clients for feedback about your services and to gain reviews
  2. Speak to your employees about how they are feeling and about the culture in your firm. Happy staff mean happy clients. Find out if there are things that need to change internally.
  3. Write useful blog content and practice area pages for your website. Content attracts new enquiries and clients.
  4. Offer a Webinar or Podcast to potential clients.
  5. Start a YouTube channel and record some videos.
  6. Reply to online reviews and build an automated process internally for collecting them.
  7. Build your digital marketing strategy and set up tracking to see what it is delivering.
  8. Improve your LinkedIn & Social Profiles.
  9. Optimise your website pages for search engine optimisation (SEO).
  10. Write articles for industry magazines or work on ‘Digital PR’ for your firm.

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