Ben Trott Launches Law Firm Marketing Agency

Ben Trott

After spending time as the Director of Marketing and Business Development for a large national firm, I decided to set up my own marketing agency. Having previously worked for a high street firm, a large corporate top 60 firm and a barristers chambers, I felt it was time to add value to other businesses in the legal sector.

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Specialising in online marketing and having grown a law firm website from bringing in £250,000 pa to over over £2 million in fees, I wanted to offer firms support not just in marketing but also in management. Many decisions in marketing also have an effect on the wider business and it helps being able to talk from experience, having sat on the senior management team for a large firm.

We have a lot of firms come to us because they are not sure what they are getting from their website or SEO companies. We can also look at your enquiry strategy to see how much potential work you could be losing.

Marketing Lawyers was set up to provide advice and support to law firms and barristers’ chambers. From expert blogs and support software to mentoring and outsourced activities, Marketing Lawyers is the one stop shop for all your marketing and law firm needs. To find out more about the firm click here.

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If you’d like to get in contact with us, then please feel free to email info@marketinglawyers.co.uk or call 0115 8700 443

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